Request a New Mailing List

Please fill out this form to request a new mailing list on the Fermilab mailing list server. Your request will automatically be sent to the Fermilab List Administrators for processing. The Primary Owner of the list will be notified by e-mail when the list is created.

** All lists are required to have 2 owners.
** The primary must be a valid address.

Primary owner This is the email address of the primary owner of the list. This is your email address and is required to be an active address. **Required

Secondary owner The e-mail address of the secondary owner of the list. This address is usually but this is not always the case. Lists can have more than 2 owners, list owners can add and remove owners to their lists as needed. **Required

List Name The list name. By itself. Not This is checked against existing lists to make sure that there isn't already a list of the same name. Maximum of 32 characters, NO spaces or special characters except hyphens and underscores. **Required

This is the domain of the list.

Description This is a brief description and intended use of the list. **Required

Welcome message The welcome message is sent to list members when they (are) subscribed.

List type Public - Anyone may post. Even those that are not on the list.
Private - Only list members may post from the addresses that they used to subscribed to the list.
Owner - Only list owners may post to the list.

Subscription options Open - Anyone may subscribe from any email address.
Closed - Only owners can subscribe new members. Requests sent by others to subscribe are not sent to the list owner.
By_Owner - Only owners can subscribe new members. Requests sent by others to subscribe are sent to the list owner for approval

Member information Public - Anyone may view list of members
Private - Only list members may view list of members
Owners - Only list owners may view list of members

List Privacy No - List will appear in list of lists
Yes - List will not appear in list of lists

Archive List No - List will not be archived
Yes - List will be archived

NOTE: Requests for a list archive is subject to approval. List archives are meant for lists that have lasting value in the information. It is NOT meant for lists that consist of automatic postings. Automated lists in the past have caused outages due large numbers of emails being sent both in volume and size. Automated systems should be configured to write files in an appropriate file share for archiving purposes. Archived messages are restricted to a maximum of 20Mb.

Archive Rotation Weekly - Archives will be saved in a weekly file
Monthly - Archives will be saved in a monthly file
Yearly - Archives will be saved in a yearly file

This specifies how often a new archive will be created. This is a method of organizing mail by date. Current policy allows all previous archives to remain available. This is subject to change in the future.


For information on managing your list refer to the documentation for List Owners

*** List owners must subscribe to the list if they want to receive mail that is sent to the list.***

If you have questions about creating a mailing list please open up a Service Desk ticket.


When adding subscribers to your list, be careful about subscribing mailing lists to other mailing lists. If you have nested lists more than two levels deep, members of the lower-level lists will not receive messages sent to the top-level list.

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