Request to Archive an Existing Mailing List

Please fill out this form to request archiving for an existing mailing list. Your request will automatically be sent to the Fermilab List Administrators for processing. The Primary Owner of the list will be notified by e-mail when the list is created.

** Requests for archiving must be done by the primary list owner or the request will be denied

All requests for list archives are subject to approval. List archives are meant for lists that have lasting value in the information. It is NOT meant for lists that consist of automatic postings. Automated lists in the past have caused outages due large numbers of emails being sent both in volume and size. Automated systems should be configured to write files in an appropriate file share for archiving purposes. Archived messages are restricted to a maximum of 20Mb.

    Primary owner The e-mail address of the primary owner of the list.

    List Name Name of the existing list you want archived?

Archive Rotation Weekly - Archives will be saved in a weekly file
Monthly - Archives will be saved in a monthly file
Yearly - Archives will be saved in a yearly file

This specifies how often a new archive will be created. This is a method of organizing mail by date. Current policy allows all previous archives to remain available. This is subject to change in the future.


It is the list owners responsibility to notify the list members that the list is archived and how to access the archives.

For information on managing your list refer to the documentation for List Owners

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